Internal Audit

This department is monitored by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, independent of the company’s management. It provides oversight and advisory services to assist the company in achieving its objectives and adding value, while adhering in all its operations to standards issued by the International Institute of Internal Auditors.

Risk Management

This committee was formed to manage the Company’s risk by establishing risk management policies and regulations in line with the Company’s risk appetite.


The responsibility of this department is to manage the acting One of the Senior Financial Advisors,  and his mission is to verify the company’s compliance with the regulatory laws and requirements and to follow up the company’s disclosures to regulatory bodies.

External Audit

An external auditor is appointed by the Ordinary General Assembly after a recommendation from the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, which also verifies its independence.

Disclosure and Transparency

The Board of Directors is committed to providing accurate and timely information to shareholders and other stakeholders. The Disclosure and Governance Unit gathers information from all the company’s departments and prepares it to be submitted to Board of Directors and to be published on the company’s website.