Outstanding performance: EJC seeks to achieve excellence in every little or major work it performs.

Staff Development: We encourage continuous education by training, and we strive to train our employees to the fullest.

Justice and Integrity: We are committed to justice and the highest ethical standards in all our affairs.

Team spirit: We work together as one to achieve our goals.

Safety and security: We seek the implementation of the highest standards in safety, security, health and environmental protection.

Care: We always take care of our employees, the societies we interact with, and the environments we work in.

Initiative: We encourage leadership, innovation, initiative and brainstorming so as to achieve continuous improvement in every aspect of business.

Achievement: We strive to excel and fulfill our promises, and we even exceed them.


The goals of EJC are to complete various governmental and private contracting projects in full, with the highest quality, at the lowest cost and in a record timing. Also among the objectives of EJC is the development and improvement of the contracting industry, and that is by focusing on the Studies and Research section to develop new systems and methods so as to improve the performance of the foundation in completing the projects as scheduled. Also it takes into account its keen care to the human resources, health, safety and environmental requirements.