Corporate Governance Rules

We are committed to implementing the best standards and practices of governance in order to gain the confidence of our shareholders, clients, employees, and all other stakeholders. Through this framework of corporate governance, we are committed to honesty, fairness, and transparency in protecting the rights of shareholders and in transactions with all stakeholders.


In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company and its subsequent amendments, the Company is managed by a Board of Directors (9) members elected by the General Assembly.

The candidacy for membership of the Board of Directors has been announced in sufficient time.

The Board of Directors has been formed with a term of three years.

The Board of Directors consists of the Chairman and a  vice Chairman, the  CEO and six other members, including an independent member representing sufficient number of members to form the necessary committees within the framework of the requirements of the Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors has established the following specialized committees to provide support and recommendations to assist the Board in carrying out its tasks, which have been formed and approved and approved.

Internal Control System

Under the supervision of the Internal Audit department, an internal control system helps manage the company’s business by overseeing all operations. It is based on a set of policies approved by the Board of Directors and has the commitment of all the management team.