EJC seeks to become the leading contracting company in the Southern area and all of Saudi Arabia in general. We seek to be a company that is established on developing the construction sector with the highest quality possible. EJC is also looking forward to becoming a global leading company that gives the most attention to human resources, health and safety and has the lead in management and implementation of projects both at the private and public sectors. EJC will achieve that with the use of the latest construction equipments and technologies, and via our specialized programs in project management which will be implemented our engineers, who are the core of EJC’s success. Therefore, EJC is always seeking to rehabilitate, encourage and develop them and their performance and expertise, so that they can achieve EJC’s goals in reaching the highest levels of quality and accuracy. That is with the preservation of security and safety in implementation. By this, EJC will become a landmark in the contracting industry in the Kingdom.


EJC’s mission aims to:

– Continuous development and initiative.

– Commitment to transparency and clarity.

– Work according to international technical specifications.

– Work as one team.

– Stand our leading position among international contracting companies.

– Optimal use of human resources, finances and information technology.

– Employ modern technology in the field of construction.

– Ensure innovation and continuous development in the contracting sector.